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TerraFrame delivers

TerraFrame delivers decision support, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and data management software, designed to operate in challenging, remote, and off-line environments. TerraFrame’s products are ideal for projects in developing nations where monitoring and evaluation are critical. Our comprehensive approach to providing real-time data analytics is also ideal for gaining essential insight into virtually any field of industry or services; the ability to instantly know the who, what , where, and when. Know the current status  of staff engagement, inventory logistics, and recorded outcomes of treatments or services provided.

Get the big picture

In order to obtain the whole picture of development efforts in the field and make better decisions, you often need to obtain data located in existing systems that do not talk to each other and have incompatible data formats. The open source Runway GeoDashboardtm platform from TerraFrametm is designed to analyze, correlate, and visualize data from multiple systems such as DHIS2,, and any other system with industry standard integration interfaces such as OpenMRS using SDMX.

Scale global efforts

Now organizations operating globally can quickly obtain real-time and accurate reports, charts, and maps for all country programs. Funding organizations can now provide recipient organi¬zations with the decision support software tools necessary to maximize their effectiveness. Recipients will no longer need to waste months of effort aggregating clumsy spreadsheets to produce quarterly and yearly status reports to their funders. Such reports are fraught with error and quickly become obsolete.

TerraFrame considers it all

With Runway GeoDashboard™, you will finally have the ability to

* Harmonize Data from Disparate Sources

Perform analytics never before possible across incompatible data sets and obtain insight from multipoint and multifaceted data indicators

* Create Portals of Integrated Data

Create any number of custom information portals of integrated data to provide all levels of your organization with the actionable information they need to make the right decisions

* Intelligently Measure your Impact

Finally obtain a clear picture of your organization’s global impact and effectiveness

* Report to Your Stakeholders

Provide reports to stakeholders and funders of global and local operations with a click of a button