Ontology, integrity and determination.

TerraFrame, we were built for this (Big Data Made Smarter).

Founded in 2006 and located in downtown Denver Colorado, TerraFrame has answered the demand for interactive, open-source web applications for global development organizations such as IVCC, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, PATH, iDE, Akros, and many other organizations. Our technology delivers clarity and critical insight into complex data sets enabling decision makers to monitor and analyze the impact of their decisions in real-time, from disease management, to staff and supply logistics, we deliver a flexible and comprehensive software tool set solution.

Our software platform was initially designed to provide disease intervention decision support across multiple indicators for multiple diseases all within a single platform. Tracking resources, outbreaks, causes, interventions, and impact for multiple diseases by aggregating multiple disparate data types and sources is achieved through the location intelligence knowledge engine developed by TerraFrame.

Today, TerraFrame is a recognized expert in cost-effective decision support software for global development applications. We have also deployed our software for clients operating in a number of industries including water and sanitation, media analytics, medical billing, and oil and gas. Through our community of users and customers, our technology continues to move forward and is the most advanced open source GIS decision support dashboard platform available.

We at TerraFrame apply our technical expertise, industry Best Practices in Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Our solutions include sophisticated turnkey, multi-country deployed ontologies and ontological engineering that is based upon integrated Decision Support Systems (DSS) and custom software products that helps our clients realize significant value from their IT projects.

Our breakthrough “RunwaySDK”™ Open Source development framework speeds up development time and reduces risk and cost by making software development more fluid and agile. By separating the presentation tier logic from the business tier logic, application development is simplified, and business rule-changes become easier to implement. With modular and scalable software, our solutions are ready to support our clients’ growing business needs.