Intelligent Asset Management

Do you know where ALL OF YOUR ASSETS are, and can you locate them by type, cost or install date?

Which assets require maintenance next month, and who would you notify if an asset failure posed a health risk?

If you can’t answer these questions, managing your assets is costing more than it should, and it’s probably dragging down productivity and hitting your bottom line.

Oh, sure. You have this information…somewhere. But you just can’t put your finger on it right now because it’s spread across five or six different databases and business systems. Worse yet, your accounting and inventory databases won’t talk to each other; your work order management system speaks a different language than your building information model; and the GIS can’t connect with any of them.

You need a Geospatial Decision Support Solution from TerraFrame™.

We build business intelligence around your assets and attributes by modeling the complex relationships between them, regardless of whether they are stored in multiple silos with different data structures and nomenclature.

We include geospatial and temporal elements, as well as business rules, so you can perform queries based on the Where, When and What of your essential business assets.

Best of all, we create your Geospatial Decision Support Solution without taking down your existing data silos or disrupting stakeholder operations. You can output your query responses in a standard business intelligence dashboard or custom GIS-based map. Our solution can even notify you proactively of upcoming maintenance schedules, regulatory filings and warranty expirations.

TerraFrame™ pays for itself quickly with these five cost saving attributes:

  • Improve crew safety and productivity
  • Lower asset management costs by up to 20% with on-time maintenance
  • Reduce and eliminate time spent looking for lost equipment
  • Increase asset up-time by four hours per week
  • Avoid fines for missed regulatory deadlines or lost records

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Quickly find and visualize your site assets

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