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Economic Development

By combinging GeoPrism with TerraFrame's in-depth expertise in location based technology TerraFrame provides economic site selection cloud based systems to enable economic development groups to make decisions around commercial site selection. By utilizing TerraFrame expertise and existing software new economic development applications can be deployed rapidly with flexibility to extend and customize as needed.

Collaborative Data Integration

Advanced Analysis

Configurable Reporting

Reliable Data Storage

Commercial Site Selection

Local Economic Development agencies are tasked with attracting new businesses to relocate to their areas. They typically do this by citing the various demographic, cost-of-living, educational, recreational and geographic advantages of their state, county, or metropolitan area. The goal is to present the data that makes their area look more attractive than another city or town. The challenge really isn’t too much data. It’s that most data sets prepared by various private and public organizations are in a multitude of incompatible file formats or lack geocoding, which makes them ‘unmappable’, vastly diminishing their use for geospatial analysis.

The site selection technology we provide spatially enables your data so they can be compared against each other and at any level of granularity. This on-the-fly aggregation powers dynamic dashboards where the data can be explored across geogaphic levels while an array of filter and styling options allow for visual analysis, reporting, and collaboration. The result is an automated cloud based application your agency can now use to import new raw data sets to create custom comparisons of a city against nearly any other in city in the United States. These comparisons may relate to economics, labor forces, housing prices, land costs and an infinite number of other categories.

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