Energy Producers: Making Operations Safer and More Efficient

Oil & Gas operators often have millions, even billions, of dollars in equipment spread around the world. Few have a firm grasp of what assets they have and where they are located. This situation makes it infinitely more difficult to manage those assets, sometimes leading to fines and even catastrophes.

In many regions, regulations require operators to know precisely where drilling rigs and pipelines are located and what high consequence infrastructure is nearby. Making matters worse, operators must also know where their underground assets are located to ensure they abide by lease obligations. Without good geospatial data management, adhering to these critical regulations and agreements can be impossible.

This is where TerraFrame provides a practical, affordable solution.

Having already provided asset management solutions for the oil patch built on our GeoPrism platform, we understand the problem. Operators often have equipment, attribute and location data stored in databases and networks spread across the enterprise. And these systems don’t talk to one another. Worse, surveys have been taken at various phases of site development with no common coordinate system.

Not a problem for GeoPrism. We aggregate your disparate data sets and find the best survey boundaries while maintaining the integrity of the native databases. Then we build an app that lets you aggregate the data you want, set the query parameters you need – on the fly – and take a look at the results on a dynamic dashboard that gives you a single pane of glass into your asset data, surveys and related documentation.

The benefits of deploying an asset management application built on GeoPrism for your oil & gas project include:

  • Reduced liability related to inaccurately located equipment
  • Minimize likelihood of fines for violating federal regulations and lease agreements
  • More accurate tracking of maintenance schedules for specific assets
  • Safer operations for crews who know precisely where assets are located, even underground