GeoPrism™ Dashboard – Location Intelligence Simplified

GeoPrism Dashboard is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that helps users easily map their data and develop location intelligence. 80% of the data in the world is associated with some kind of location. Until the introduction of GeoPrism Dashboard working with location based information has been too hard BECAUSE:

  • mapping tools are too technical and too expensive for most people
  • your location data may not have GPS or Geocoding information
  • mapping location data is time consuming, tedious and prone to error
  • creating insightful maps with accompanying charts can take days or weeks
  • mapping location data requires specialized personnel and tools


GeoPrism Dashboard solves all of these problems in an easy to use dashboard environment. It allows you to map data from your spreadsheet or any other database. Once your data is loaded, your team is empowered to easily create maps and charts of your data against administrative boundaries and/or as discrete data points.

Data Cleansing and Enhancement

GeoPrism can automatically cleanup your data. Data often have errors and inconsistencies that make analysis, decisions and visualization tricky and deceptive. If you do a lot of mapping or get different versions of data from multiple sources you’ll want a way to automate data validation and clean-up OR-ELSE:

  • you’ll spend hours or days correcting the same mistakes over and over again
  • your maps, analysis and conclusions will be inaccurate because your data has errors
  • you might make the wrong decision based on incorrect data
  • you might send the wrong services and supplies to locations based on incorrect data

GeoPrism solves these problems and more. It automatically identifies data inconsistencies, allows you to correct them and then automatically fixes the mistakes every time they occur. Data location or term errors are conveniently displayed in a list with tools that show exactly where the errors are and how to fix them. GeoPrism works with your spreadsheets or any data source you may have.

Custom Services & Training

TerraFrame also provides custom/white labeled applications, training and services to suit your needs. Built upon our proven software stack, we are able to build custom applications in days and weeks instead of months and years. Our software stack has been in-use for almost ten years meeting complex GIS, Work Flow Management, Data Integration and Cleansing needs. Once your application is built, TerraFrame provides cost effective training, technical support and maintenance.

GeoPrism™ can be provided to you as your own SaaS portal or you can download the open source software framework, Runway SDK®. With the powerful SDK you can create your own enterprise GIS and WFM applications. As your own SaaS portal, you can provide GeoPrism access to your customers, employees, funders and vendors through any popular web browser. Most features are configurable by your IT admin and users. In addition, we provide consulting, training and support to suit all of your needs.

Workflow Management

GeoPrism™ is the ideal platform for building custom workflow management applications. It can automatically send SMS messages, work orders and help you monitor & evaluate (M&E) your work efforts based on location. GeoPrism™ WFM gives you location-based planning, management and reporting capabilities. You need to know and report that your program is executing as planned and producing results OR:

  • you’ll waste a lot of time and money
  • you’ll fall behind schedule, have to repeat costly services or waste valuable resources
  • your funders/customers will stop paying for the program

GeoPrism™ can keep your program/organization running on-time, efficiently and effectively. When deadlines are approaching, anomalies, events or failures happen, you and your team members can take action with the right information immediately. With GeoPrism™, your team automatically gets informative location based alerts, work orders, checklists and reports.

Integrated Document Management

GeoPrism™ is the ideal platform for building custom integrated document management applications. Program documents and data are key to program success. You and your team need to access and update information at critical points in your workflow. Documents need to be kept under version control based on user, workflow and even location. You and your team need to maintain one version of the “truth” as circumstances change OR:

  • the wrong information may be distributed to your team, customers or funders
  • wrong decisions will be made because information is out of date or inaccurate
  • your team loses precious time because documents are lost, misplaced or overwritten

GeoPrism™ keeps your program information organized and up-to-date so your team can stay on the “same page”. When they are asked to complete a step in your workflow make sure they have the right information when and where they need it. When information is gathered, make sure it gets stored and updated so other team members can use the latest information. Take advantage of information.