Aggregate, Analyze and View Your Geospatial Data

GeoPrism is the open-source data management application development platform created by TerraFrame to help you make sense of your geospatial data. Think of it as the lens that brings your data into sharper focus.

We develop the app for you with your business rules built in.

Does your industry need a geospatial data management solution? GeoPrism is the fastest way to build one. GeoPrism has a repository of reusable application building blocks that can be assembled to provide a solution for your industry’s most pressing decision support problems and bring it to market faster.

With a custom app created on GeoPrism, you will be able to aggregate your data sets, apply complex geospatial analytics, and view the results on a dynamic dashboard.

And you can do it over and over again.

Aggregate different data sets, filter to a different level of granularity or change the query parameters on the fly and then visualize the new results on the dashboard. You can even export to the viewing tool of your choice.

GeoPrism puts you in control of your data. Finally.