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Ontologies-based data mapping and data integration

Read a White Paper on how ontologies and ontological integration can ease data sharing and data mapping efforts and allow disparate information systems to exchange information with each other. The paper also highlights ways ontologies can be used to provide better customer support and extract critical enterprise information for better decision making regarding product and service offers and improvements.
TerraFrame White Paper : ontological integration [pdf]

Decision Support System for Developing Countries

View our presentation on building an Integrated Decision Support System for disease management in developing nations. The presentation was delivered at the request of Health Information Management System Society (HIMSS), Colorado chapter at their 1/2 day conference on “Global Diversification – Healthcare IT Worldwide: What can we learn from abroad” in Denver, CO.
TerraFrame CHIMSS 2010 Presentation [power point]
TerraFrame CHIMSS 2010 Presentation [pdf]

Building a Decision Support System for Developing Nations

Read a paper on challenges and opportunities in developing a high-tech integrated Decision Support System (DSS) that works in the infrastructure and environment in developing nations. This is a paper on our actual experiences in developing the solution that is primarily developed for Africa and is being expanded for other developing countries.
TerraFrame DSS for 3rd World Countries [pdf]


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is the art and science of making intelligent software, programs, and systems that are used to solve problems and simulate human intelligence and reasoning.

Business Intelligence (BI)

This is a tool used to support businesses in making better decisions through then analysis of collected historical and current data. Due to data complexities and volume, data analysis is primarily conducted through the use of data integration software and technologies. BI systems are closely related to Decision Support Systems (DDS), and the two terms are often used interchangeably.

Computer Ontology, Computer Ontologies

In computer science, or information system terms, ontology captures relationships between data and their hierarchically organized concepts. Wikipedia describes ontologies as follows:  In computer science and information science, an ontology is a formal representation of a set of concepts within a domain and the relationships between those concepts. It is used to reason about the properties of that domain, and may be used to define the domain.

Custom Software

This is software specifically written to fit the needs of a business that may not be otherwise met by the use of off-the-shelf software.

Data Analysis

This is a process by which collected data is analyzed to produce meaningful information that helps support better decision making. There are a wide variety of data analysis techniques available that are used for different purposes.  A few of these include data mining, data modeling for predictive purposes, and data aggregation for compilation of comprehensive situational views.

Decision Support System (DSS)

A Decision Support System is a tool that assists a business, an organization, or a department with decision making activities. A DSS is well known for acting as an inference engine assisting business in inferring information from processed data. Decision Support Systems are also viewed as analogous to Knowledge Based Systems or Expert Systems.

Expert Systems

These are systems that represent human knowledge built into software or computers. They are often used as an aid to human decision making. Expert systems are a subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can have a knowledge base that contains human know-how or expertise so that human-like reasoning can be applied to problem solving.

Ontological Engineering

This is an emerging discipline that defines the methods and procedures for creating ontologies. It also addresses new technologies and software tools that are necessary to develop ontology effectively. Simply stated, it is engineering required to develop ontology. Ontological engineering’s aim is to assist with the extraction of knowledge embedded within different domains and information systems.

Software Engineering

This is a set of processes, methods, and procedures for developing and maintaining software.