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Other dashboard reporting solutions provide a set of prebaked and canned dashboards that only report on a predetermined set of indicators. Runway GeoDashboard™ lets the end user create their own custom dashboards using a user-friendly wizard on any number of indicators. These dashboards consist of interactive and intuitive charts and maps. Users can search, drill down, aggregate, and analyze information using a simple user interface.

Healthcare industry

Healthcare information systems play a critical role in providing valuable information to those in the healthcare field, whether they are public health officials, physicians, or business leaders seeking current, accurate information necessary for better decision-making and the delivery of life-saving products and services.

TerraFrame and its uniquely-positioned technology team have considerable experience in delivering healthcare information system solutions for use in various global healthcare arenas.

Healthcare applications

  • National and regional government healthcare organizations
  • Global and regional non-profit health and human services organizations
  • Healthcare-related non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

Our integrated Geographical Information System (GIS), which is an ontologically engineered vector-borne disease control Decision Support System (DSS) solution, was developed for global deployment in the fight against various vector borne diseases. The system simultaneously tracks an unlimited number of data points related to disease geography and topology, and monitors and audits the effectiveness of programs across multiple countries worldwide.

While the product is currently targeted at vector borne disease control, the system’s unique modular design framework allows it to be easily applied to many types of disease and healthcare management programs. The system’s core semantic-driven DSS includes the following modular components:

  • Ontological organization of data: While currently focused on specific disease-carrying insect ontologies, this module can create and manage ontologies related to any disease and other individual client needs.
  • Data processing and analysis engine: This module is designed to quickly perform data analysis and complex queries to deliver meaningful information essential to better decisions and in-depth audits related to disease-management program effectiveness.
  • GIS: This module automatically overlays disease data with various geographical and topographical data sets related to the areas of interest. This feature enables faster, more in-depth and more accurate decision making.


Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in developing countries have a pressing need to turn massive amounts of existing data into actionable information. There are a wide variety of humanitarian technology needs, from mobile health to water development projects. These organizations need versatile software platforms that can easily turn data from a wide variety of applications into powerful visualizations.

Other Industries

Our ontologically engineered, semantic-knowledge management system is applicable to virtually any industry. It is highly effective at reducing terminology confusion, and it provides for common vocabularies across different information systems. This results in better information exchange and enhanced abstraction of enterprise knowledge, all of which contributes to better, ,more integrated decision-making—and superior products and services—delivered faster and at lower costs.

Key Features:

  • Carbon footprint management and audits in the energy industries
  • Enterprise knowledge abstraction for globally dispersed companies, such as those in the natural resources field
  • Accounting, billing, receivables, and customer service management in the telecommunications industry.

TerraFrame Software

TerraFrame is a unique suite of open source software tools that can be used to quickly build applications to give organizations the ability to transform their data into useful information. Such applications give administrators easy-to-use dashboards with the ability to create interactive maps, charts, and graphs that visualize customized information in real time, through a simple web browser interface. With this system, once you have collected the data you need, you have the power to visualize the data as you see fit, without the inefficiencies and expense of an outside consultant.

TerraFrame is already creating groundbreaking data analysis solutions for a number of well-established NGOs around the world, including the Innovative Vector Control System (IVCC), Akros, PATH and iDE. Read more about our case studies to see why TerraFrame is the logical choice for NGOs who want to actually make sense of their data.