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TerraFrame can integrate and transform your data into the right business context for analysis and enable you to realize the full potential of your asset management investment.

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Data Integration For Asset Management

TerraFrame can integrate and transform your data into the right business context for analysis and enable you to realize the full potential of your asset management investment

The Data Silo Problem

If you have invested in an asset management system, then the results have most likely been disappointing. The asset management vendor claimed that getting data into their product would be “easy”, but it turned out to be more challenging than expected. You have a data silo problem that is preventing you from getting the most out of your asset management investment. Like a high-performance sports car that does not have enough gas, your asset management strategy lacks integrated data to provide the insights you need.

Data integration projects are typically expensive, time consuming, and risky. TerraFrame can integrate your data so that you can see results quickly.

Enterprise Information Integration

Data Governance

Asset Location

Data Portal

Data Silo Integration Solutions

Enterprise Information Integration

Data Blending & Normalization

Reconcile disparate data schemas, terms, and spatial data formats using an automated and ontology-driven learning engine to get data from diferent silos to align and integrate with each other

Data Indexing

Build an intelligent data index across silos using a metadata repository that allows you to search for data across the enterprise

Data Transformation

Automatically transform and aggregate both spatial and non-spatial data on demand to create more meaningful views of your data

Asset Location

100% of businesses don’t know where all of their assets are located. TerraFrame has developed a location inference engine that can identify the location of assets by analyzing data across data silos including structured and unstructured information. Even data found in PDF documents can help locate important assets. TerraFrame specializes in developing location intelligence solutions for your enterprise so that location aware predictive analytics can help drive intelligent and critical decisions.

Data Governance

Analytics on your assets aren’t efective, and are possibly even misleading, if the quality of your data is bad. You must have assurance that your data were processed and curated according to your workflow and data integrity rules through an automated and traceable process. At the same time, your data workflows must protect organizational information through enforced access control rules. These are absolutely critical to manage risk if your business is regulated by external regulations, where failure to comply could result in serious consequences.

TerraFrame can non-invasively formalize your current practices and enforce your existing data governance standards to meet regulatory requirements and capitalize on the full value of your asset data.

Data Portal

Most asset management applications can only give you visibility into data that have been loaded into their system. TerraFrame can enable you to access all of your integrated asset data through a single pane of glass across multiple data silos and applications while enforcing the access control rules of your organization. This includes PDFs, 2D and 3D CAD models, GIS data, and 100 year old diagrams.

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