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GeoPrism is a one of a kind platform that has been deployed across multiple industries to solve challenging problems with data management and visualization. GeoPrism is a Knowledge Based System that excells at data modeling, data integration, location intelligence, semantic reasoning, data quality control, data query-ability, and visualization. Out of the box there are developer tools and mature applications that are ready to be deployed today. Additionally, the platform can be extended to build additional functionality. This is a system made to be robust and extensible and has proven to work well for many advanced computing challenges.

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GeoPrism Web Application Features


Ready For You

GeoPrism is TerraFrame's open source platform that provides reusable software components to provide robust functionality out of the box while enabling customization to meet your needs. Enterprise Information Integration, Data Governance, Location Intelligence, and Location-Based Services applications and products can be built better, faster, and cheaper using existing software components in GeoPrism.


Enhance your spreadsheets by uploading through a GeoPrism data pipeline that spatially enables and cleans your data.

Enable Location

Enable location even when your data is lacking in coordinates.

Intelligent Data

Manage and leverage an assisted machine learning system to harmonize and enhance your data in new and unique ways.


Control who has access to data and visualizations with intuitive user management.

Cloud Based

Deploy GeoPrism applications on the public, private, or hybrid cloud.

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Map and analyze your data with eaze before shareing your findings with others.


Aggregate your data with a ease by utilizing GeoPrism's innovative ontology based technology.


Filter data by attribute and/or location to discover important stories in your data.


Design custom charts that integrate with your maps to tell more complete stories from your data.


Perform spatial analysis with capabilities not found in commercial GIS software.

Extendable Functionality

GeoPrism is built to be more than just a set of web applications. The core architecture is designed to be extended for advanced computing tailored for diverse use cases. Therefore, GeoPrism provides both out of the box web application functionality along with the ability to create new applications that utilize advanced computing strategies including data integration, location intelligence, and data visualization.

Developer resources

GeoPrism is an open sorce project with a business friendly licence. The project is maintained by TerraFrame who is always excited when others are interested in getting involved.

The GeoPrism code can be accessed on the public GitHub repo.

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