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Global Health

Conducting effective health implementations is challenging because of the many factors that influence the ability to analyze, manage, and predict conditions in the community. Disconnected systems and incomplete data makes it difficult and costly to improve outcomes over time and across geographies.

We have built Disease Decision Support Systems (DDSS) applications on top of our open-source GeoPrism platform which help organizations analyze those factors necessary for fully understanding community health. We’ve developed and deployed robust DDSS application for agencies responding to malaria and dengue fever around the globe.

Collaborative Data Integration

Survey Tracking & Quality Control

Mobile Collection & Viewing

Next Generation Document Management & Integration

Reliable Data Storage

Cloud, Private, or Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Advanced Analyis

Configurable Reporting

Key Partnerships

By partnering with prominant organizations and working within the Digital Solutions for Malaria Elimination (DSME) program TerraFrame has developed advanced technology solutions that help overcome some of the most difficult challenges around collecting, cleansing, curating, storing, and analyzing data. By working with critical partners around the globe TerraFrame can help bring together all the professionals needed to conduct field operations and/or improve existing health systems.

TerraFrame Technology Highlights

Common Geospatial Registry (CGR)

The Common Geospatial Registry (CGR) creates a single source of truth for geographic data curated through governance and synchronized across multiple health information systems to improve health outcomes.

See more details in the CGR Brochure

Disease Data Management System (DDMS)

As one of TerraFrame's most long standing projects the Disease Data Management System (DDMS) has been deployed around the globe and has helped countless people from dying of Malaria or Dengey Fever.

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