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Vector Born Disease

Community hospitals focus on treating individuals who are sick. But they have little or no insight into the factors – demographic, genetic, environmental – that are making patients sick in the first place. Health care organizations lack a macro-level view of community health.

We have built custom Disease Decision Support Systems (DDSS) applications on top of our open-source GeoPrism platform which help organizations analyze those factors necessary for fully understanding community health. We’ve developed and deployed robust DDSS application for agencies responding to malaria and dengue fever around the globe.

Collaborative Data Integration

Survey Tracking & Quality Control

Mobile Collection & Viewing

Next Generation Document Management & Integration

Reliable Data Storage

Cloud, Private, or Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Advanced Analyis

Configurable Reporting

TerraFrame Technology Highlight

As one of TerraFrame's oldest projects the Disease Data Management System (DDMS) has been deployed around the globe and has helped countless people from dying of Malaria or Dengey Fever.

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