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Primary Capabilities

We work with you to build solutions using field tested technology to solve the hard problems getting in the way of your success.

Enterprise Information Integration (EII)

Utilize next generation data blending, data indexing, and data transformation technology for intelligent data driven systems.

Location Intelligence

Spatially enhance and harmonize disparate data utilizing advanced semantic and geometric algorithms.

Data Governance

Enforce quality FIRST data workflows and storage where security and data integrity are first priority.

Location Based Services

Enable cloud based analysis, data collaboration, visualizaiton & analysis collaboration, digital reporting, and direct integration with your enterprise data warehouse.

Industries We Serve

Healthcare - Social Determinants Of Health

Providing solutions to health programs around the world for nearly a decade.

Healthcare - Global Health

Providing solutions to health programs around the world for nearly a decade.

Asset Management

Improving asset management for more efficient operations in multiple industries.

Economic Development

Enabling better data integration and site analysis to support economic development growth.

Energy Producers

Making operations safer and more efficient through data workflow integration and quality control.

Solution Highlights

TerraFrame offers a range of next generation products built to grow with your needs. Here are some examples of products we are actively building for you to use and some products we have done in the past.

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  • Data Platform
  • Data Integration
  • Data Management
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Reporting
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Data Platform

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GeoPrism Kaleidoscopes

Data Visualization

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GeoPrism Data Prisms

Data Integration

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GeoPrism Reporting

Data Visualization

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Spatial IQ

Data Analysis

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GeoPrism & DHIS2 Integration

Data Integration

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GeoPrism & SalesForce Integration

Data Integration

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Disease Data Management System

Data Platform

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Media Analytics

Data Collection

Products Ready For You

TerraFrame offers a range of next generation products built to grow with your needs.

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Data Platform

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Spatial IQ

Data ETL

Solutions that grow with your needs!

Parallax Features

The TerraFrame Difference

Many of the challenges organizations face can share common solutions. However, there is always a point to which your organization has a unique challenge or approach to doing business. We build software to solve common problems in a standard repeatable way while keeping room for the important job of focusing on providing solutions for your unique needs. It's not enough to build innovative software. We build solutions to your challenges.

We listen

We listen with intention to understand your challenges and pain points. Through a transparent and collaborative process, we develop solutions that solve your problems in an efficient and cost effective way.

We have innovative products ready for you

We have been building a suite of open source tools within the GeoPrism platform that have been deployed around the world. These tools evolve through diverse cross-industry and community collaboration with strict quality controls maintained by TerraFrame. As a result, the cost of initial applications can be much lower for the value delivered and continued improvements to core toolsets are shared by the community. In other words, the burden isn't only on you to manage the lifecycle of major components of your application.

We deliver more value fast

By utilizing GeoPrism we can deliver robust cloud based enterprise level applications with built in cutting edge technology in a matter of days. You don't need to compromise on important features like security, spreadsheet integration, location intelligence, supporting multiple languages, or dynamic visualization of your data. With GeoPrism and TerraFame we can deliver all this and more immediately.

We build for the future

Innovative solutions that where once too large to justify are now affordable. By architecting software that is extendable and maintainable, we leave room for integrating newer technologies where they make the most sense to ensure solutions can benefit from modern technology advancements.

We work closely with you

We use Agile methodologies to work closely with you throughout the entire project from start to finish. This gives you a front row seat in how solutions are designed, built, and deployed. Agile software development practices are an industry standard and ensure the best opportunities for success. They provide flexibility to adapt the development strategy and ensure success with changing business drivers.

We bring industry experts to the process

We have a strong network of professionals across a variety of industries who can help provide expertise in key areas to help better ensure success. We work collaboratively across our customers and other industry professionals where needed to deliver the best possible solutions. We strongly believe that the best solutions are built collaboratively rather than in a silo.

About TerraFrame

TerraFrame has a history of building innovative data management and visualization software to solve hard industry problems. TerraFrame solutions have been deployed around the globe to tackle challenges in innovative and cost effective ways where other solutions have come short. We focus on building reliable and innovative software to help organizations overcome technical barriers that improve business solutions.

Clients choose TerraFrame because we develop turnkey solutions quickly and inexpensively.

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